Louis Berger / Digital Manager

Only do everything once


I have a bachelor's degree in business Informatics, with a main emphasis on computer science. While being a student was a nice experience I craved actual working experience, hence the lacking master's degree. Having entered the full time working scene in january 2019 I still feel validated in my decision. Even though 3 months into working, the Covid-19 pandemic drastically changed my workplace, I wouldn't want to go back.

My part in UFS is mostly behind the scenes (by preference). I create websites, e-commerce shops and generally write a lot of code to automate processes. Fulfilling the cliché of knowing more programming languages than spoken languages is useful in my field of work.

Within all my work I try to stay true to "Only do everything once". I automate wherever possible. For me personally, one of the best feelings is just pressing one button and seeing the task being finished (probably with fewer errors). Bonus points when the task was a boring one to begin with.

Last but not least - I made this website.