Vanessa Hot / Fashion Designer

Subtle voice means more than obvious words - each own story is hidden in the clothes ready to be interpreted and told many times in different ways


Vanessa Morin, born in Konstanz, Germany has lived and worked in Paris for a couple of years and is now based in Munich where she ran her own luxury brand VANESSAMORIN®.

Vanessa´s artistic education started in 2002 at a Munich based design school where she explored several fields of art and crafts, and finally discovered her passion for fashion design.Consequently, Vanessa studied fashion design and pattern-making at the international fashion school ESMOD where she graduated with the “Prix Createur“ for the best diploma collection (2007). Her further successes include several international fashion newcomer awards. Vanessa Morin has landed her first job as a fashion designer for a design agency in Munich. Soon after she has become head designer in the same company, and then joined the high-end Parisian fashion house Damir Doma. From 2008 Vanessa started building up the diffusion line SILENT by Damir Doma and moved to the Paris based design studio where she was in the creative charge responsible for design and development. She created in total 10 collections for mens, womens and accessories. In 2012 she has launched her own brand VANESSAMORIN - elaborated, progressive fashion for women with confidence, designed with a devotion for fine elements and precise details. Until 2016 she has created and distributed internationally seven womenswear collections under her own name. From 2013 until 2016 Vanessa started teaching the graduating class at International Fashion School ESMOD in Munich. From 2015 until 2016 she got the Art Director position. In 2016 Vanessa started working as a freelance designer and illustrator for multiple well known fashion brands and agencies.

Vanessa describing the essentials of her design: „Fashion should be understated and simple on the surface- easy and comfortable items, created with a twist. Designs and fabrics accentuate an individual style, choosing the finest fabrics and working with mix of textures to give clothes an additional multidimensional effect. Soft feeling of a cocoon is important for the designer who prefers to select fluid, flowing and gentle materials underlying and celebrating the personality in her creations.

Clothes are a hidden token, layering pieces designed to give the wearer a quiet coolness without too much of a wanted uniformity resulting in truly individual items. I always suggest a “total look” that results in a strong distinctive statement.